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Neolight Technologies’ co-founder and Chief Scientist P. Dragic spent many years developing fiber laser-based spectroscopic lidar hardware. Fiber lasers appeared to enable the continuously-tunable, low weight, and high efficiency systems that seemed to make them ideal for both autonomous and aerospace applications…but if it weren’t for stimulated Brillouin scattering.

By designing optical fiber to overcome such parasitic phenomena, we are able to offer products and technologies with unmatched coherent power capabilities and ultra-narrow linewidth. These competitive advantages enable us to assist the introduction of fiber-based systems with greatly enhanced performance to many traditional markets, while also bringing them to new ones.


Neolight Technologies offers a wide range of products and services to its customers, from in-stock single mode fibers to measurement services, including characterizing a Brillouin gain spectrum for an unknown fiber. We can design a fiber for your application, and see it realized: from paper to final draw and testing. We can even build your next custom fiber amplifier. Contact us if nothing else has been quite right for you.

—The Team at Neolight Technologies LLC