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Neolight Technologies has a mission to marginalize SBS in optical fibers enabling fiber lasers, fiber-based systems and LIDAR systems to operate both with extremely long coherence length (or at a very narrow bandwidth) and at high powers. Our SBS mitigation technologies enable significant enhancement in coherent power from fiber systems over traditional fiber designs, and includes polarization-maintaining configurations. However, it doesn’t stop there. We can also design a fiber for applications that utilize Brillouin scattering, such as distributed sensors.

applications for low-SBS and Brillouin-tailored optical fiber
  • Coherent Power Delivery. The ability to move light from one point to another over moderate distances (10′s of meters)
  • Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers. Achieving high power in a very narrow spectrum
  • Passive Fibers. Realizing SBS-free fiber laser pigtails, combiners, couplers, isolators which require ~ meter-length passive fibers
  • Coherent Telecommunications. For narrow spectral width carrier/modulated signals
  • Fiber Sensors. The ability to use a designer fiber that improves the sensitivity, speed, or broadens the capabilities of a distributed or remote point sensor system
  • Nonlinear Conversion and Amplification. Narrow linewidth operation of nonlinear process such as parametric amplification

Some of our recent developments include fiber lasers incorporating Neolight’s newest low-SBS fibers that can uniquely provide the broad tunability and wavelength access that allow them to produce MID-IR, IR, Visible, and UV light through direct generation or frequency doubling, tripling, or Raman-shifting techniques. Combine that with the extreme efficiency (up to 25% wall-plug efficiency) and the very high beam quality characteristic of all fiber lasers, and suddenly low-SBS fiber technologies enable whole new markets, while greatly expanding the potential of existent ones. This enabling advancement in fiber technology allows narrow linewidth fiber lasers to directly compete with other high power laser sources, including solid-state lamp-pumped, solid state diode-pumped, excimer and ion lasers.

Industries searching for low-SBS and Brillouin tailored fiber
  • Defense and Security.
  • Spectroscopic and Coherent Sensing Systems. For applications such as environmental and pollution LIDARs and turbulence sensors
  • Aerospace.
  • Communications.
  • Lasers.
  • Fiber Sensors.
  • But it doesn’t stop there. We offer a wide range of products and services to help our customers achieve their requirements. Contact us today and describe your application.