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Standard and Custom fiber configurations
  • Standard single mode passive fibers
  • Standard single mode rare-earth doped fibers
  • Custom Large Mode Area (LMA) fibers, passive and active
  • Single- and dual-clad optical fibers
  • PM and non-PM
  • Custom designs for lasers, communications, and sensing
  • Distributed sensing systems
  • Brillouin tailored fibers

Ask us about our in-stock list of fibers.

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Design, consulting, & other services
  • Specialty fiber design
  • System design
  • Tailoring of the Brillouin gain spectrum
  • Fibers for distributed sensing
  • Test and measurement
  • Measurement of the Brillouin gain spectrum
  • Fiber and fiber system preparation
  • Subassembly development
  • Specialty signal delivery subsystems
  • Characterization and specification
  • Quality-control solutions

some of neolight’s custom fiber systems…

…and we can do so much more

Tunable Fiber Ring Laser for Telecommunications R&D

Low-cost, injection-seeding input for wavelength switching. Ultra-fast switching speeds (~microseconds). Ultra-compact construction. Up to 100mW of power available. Available as an OEM or turnkey system. And, it’s fully customizable…tell us about your requirements!

Ultra-Narrow Linewidth
Power Amplifier

Up to 1000 Watts of peak power in pulsed mode and efficient amplification at less than 1kHZ linewidths in CW, our ultra-narrow linewidth amplifier will greatly improve the performance parameters of LIDAR systems providing for the fastest temporal resolution, highest powers per bandwidth, and high efficiency for fiber-based systems.

Custom Pulsed
Master Oscillator Laser

With geometries near 1550nm, our pulsed, ultra-narrow linewidth master oscillators produce more than 10mW of average power (>10µJ per pulse) and is able to saturate a dual clad LMA fiber.


We also offer custom-configured optical fiber-based measurement systems.  Need to make a measurement and can’t find the right instrument?  Too expensive to buy a measurement unit?  Call us about building you one.

Contact us for more information for how our Low-SBS Technologies can improve the performance of your systems.